FARMA 14-7.0/8.5D 4WD

Miško ruošos priekaba T 12 4WD

7,0/8,5 m crane, 14 ton trailer

Reel driven lumber trailer designed for continuous operation and equipped with its own hydraulics system. The bogie can be moved hydraulically from the tractor cab and increases not only accessibility but also capacity through adjustment of weight distribution. Exceptional flexibility is achieved through the positioning of the frame steering linkage behind the railing; with correct positioning and the use of frame steering, the trailer always follows the tractor. The loader is designed for professional use and is mounted on a sturdy crane pallet with folding supporting beams. Reach 7,0/8,5 m including extension boom. If the frame steering is fully extended, it can reach almost 8,3/10,0 m and can lift 400 kg. It is also suitable for the addition of a winch. Available with a number of options. The trailer of choice for those who want a flexible, driven trailer for continuous operation. Includes the market’s best selection of standard equipment. Compares well with others in its class.