Revesible carried ploughs of SUKOV type Downhil are intended to ploughing of lands without plough up and folds on plain lands and slopes up to 10 with folding of furrow slice against the slope. They are suitable behind tractors 50-135KW (70 – 180HP).


The plough is fitted with deep overturning by wheel and it may be optionally fitted with roller coulters in toothed and shoe-type variants, with skimmers and with back-fillers for plant remainders. The plough-shares may be fitted with set wings of swath boards, which enable perfect turning of the furrow slice at larger operating cut of the plough-share. Option to equip with swath board PS40, which is characterized by low resistance during ploughing.


Ploughing depth can be continuously changed by control screw. The rolling coulters can be adjusted in height and laterally, too. The plough-shares are protected against overloading by bolt, which breaks on entry to the obstacle. The plough is reversed by hydraulic roller by means of hydraulic automatic roller reversing, which is controlled by lever from tractor hydraulic external circuit. The first-share cut adjustment elements for the total cut and plough depth are easily controlled. Lateral adjustment of the plough is performed by two adjustable limit screws. The stability of the plough at rest is ensure by tilted support.


Downhil 3+ 3+1 4+ 4+1
Weight [kg] 954 1093 1143 1266
Span between bodies [mm] 950 950 950 950
Cut [cm] 34-39-45 34-39-45 34-39-45 34-39-45




Swath board: KV09, LM35, LM40, UN40

Support wheel

Separating flange of the plough

Protection by bolt

Frame 140x140x10 mm (4+, 4+1)

Hydraulic cylinder with automated unit for turning

Fork hinge

Mechanical change of gearing per 1 body: 34, 39, 45 cm

Frame 120x120x10 mm (2+, 3+, 3+1)

Height under the frame: 800 mm


1 2 3 4 5 6



Extra charge for body PS40

Skimmer, type S

Rolling coulter Ø 480

Shoe-type cutter

Mechanical arm of soil compress

Distance between bodies 1000 mm

Back-filler for plant remainders

Skimmer, type K

Knife coulter

Prolongation wing

Memory roller


1 2 6 4 5
7 8 3 9 10


LM40 LM35 KV09 PS40 UN40


Downihil 1 Downihil 2
Downihil 3 Downihil 4
Downihil 5 Downihil 6
Downihil 7 Downihil 9
Downihil 10 Downihil 11
Downihil 12 Downihil 13
Downihil 15 Downihil 8