ArcoAgro On Land

ArcoAgro On Land


ArcoAgro On-Land


Reversible semi-mounted ploughs of SUKOV type ArcoAgro On-Land enable both-sided variant of the plough for ploughing of the land from any side without plough up and folds. It significantly facilitates the land preliminary processing. The plough may be optionally fitted with roller coulters in smooth, toothed and shoe-type variants, with skimmers and with back-fillers for plant remainders. Option to equip with swath board PS40, which is characterized by low resistance during ploughing. Suitable behind tractors from 150KW (od 203HP).

The ArcoAgro On-Land model is characterized by the fact that it is possible to plough outside the channel (e.g. for belt tractors).

Front beam serves to connection of the plough with tractor and it is fitted with two hydraulic rollers for overturning of the plough to both sides to operating and transport position, where shanks are in horizontal position. Connection is realised by fork tree-point hinge of category 3. The frame of semi-carried plough is made from high-quality micro-alloyed stel profile 160x160x10.

The plough is overturned by stabile turning mechanisms with two large hydraulic rollers of sufficient power without any impacts. Accurate tilting is set separately for each side by means of the screw. The frame houses the axle with wheel fitted with tyre, the wheel serves for transport purposes and during ploughing it acts as a deep wheel. The ploughing depth is easily adjusted by tilting of galvanized stop elements on the hydraulic roller piston rod serving as limit stop. The plough-shares are protected against overloading by bolt, which breaks on entry to the obstacle.

ArcoAgro On-Land 5+ 5+1 6+1 7+1 8+1
Weight [kg] 2790 2990 3213 3463 3713
Span between bodies [mm] 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Cut [cm] 35-41-47 35-41-47 35-41-47 35-41-47 35-41-47

*Weight of ploughs without accessories.


Swath boards: KV09, LM35, LM40, UN40,

Fork hinge

Frame 160x160x10 mm

Mechanical change of gearing per 1 body: 35, 41, 47 cm

Protection by bolt

Height under the frame: 800 mm





Swath board strip, model PS40

Skimmer, type S

Rolling coulter Ø 480

Shoe-type cutter

Front supporting wheels

Back-filler for plant remainders

Skimmer, type K

Knife coulter

Prolongation wing


5 6 7
9 13 8




LM40 LM35 KV09 PS40 UN40


1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8
9 10